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Fascinating Beauty
of Siamese Cats

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Presents the fascinating beauty of the legendary Siamese cats along with their own unique auspicious characteristics through our Siamese Cat Eyes collection.


Siamese cats are well-known for their allures and the belief that they would bring good fortune, wealth and luck. This Award Winner’s collection, “Arty & Fern’s Siamese Cat Eyes”, therefore, translated those attributes into the designs.

Vicien Mas
Ghone Ja


Each frame well displays the selected Siamese cats’ distinctive features; posture, colours, eyes, habits and charisma.


Arty & Fern’s Vicien-Mas sunglasses is inspired by one of the most famous Siamese Cat, “Vicien-Mas – วิเชียรมาศ” meaning เพชรแห่งดวงจันทร์ (diamond of the moon). Thai people believe that it would bring prosperity and wealth. The design of this sunglasses therefore represents the cat’s prominent features; creamy white and chocolate brown hair with dazzling blue eyes.

Vicien Mas I
Vicien Mas II


Arty & Fern’s Supaluxe sunglasses reflects fabulous features of a Siamese Cat “Supaluxe – ศุภลักษณ์” which is commonly known as แมวทองแดง (copper cat). Supaluxe has short copper hair with sparkling amber eyes which would enchant those who have seen them. Therefore, it is believed that Supaluxe would bring fame, wealth and good health.

Supaluxe I
Supaluxe II


Arty & Fern’s Nilrat sunglasses perfectly represents elegant characteristics of an extinct Siamese Cat “Nilrat – นิลรัตน์“. Nilrat possessed beautiful all black features; shiny black hair with all black eyes, nails, tongue including teeth. Thai people believe that Nilrat would bring wealth and protection form harm and danger.

Nilrat I
Nilrat II


Arty & Fern’s Ghone-ja sunglasses is translated from agile characteristics of a well-known Siamese Cat “Ghone-Ja – โกญจา” meaning นกกระเรียน (Crane). Ghone-Ja has short black hair, stand-out pointy ears with yellow with a hint of green eyes. Therefore, people believe that Ghone-Ja would bring happiness to those possess them.

Ghone Ja I
Ghone Ja Limited Edition
Ghone Ja II


Arty & Fern’s Mulila sunglasses portrays charming features of “Mulila – มุลิลา” , another extinct Siamese Cat. Mulila had all black hair and sweet light pink ear-tips with gleamy Chrysanthemum eyes. People then believe that Mulila would bring success in study and work.

Mulila I
Mulila II


FRAME : Cellulose Acetate 
LENS : CR39  100% UV-Protection
High Quality Craftsmanship
Handmade in Japan

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