Arty & Fern

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It starts with two passions 

Arty & Fern was founded in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand by two glasses enthusiasts. Arty & Fern’s custom-made-with-hearts glasses are specifically hand-crafted to perfectly fit individual’s facial shape and one’s unique style. Arty & Fern also provides ready-to-wear eyewear collection for those who seek to wear some fun, different but yet stylish eyewear.

Commitment and Inspiration

For Arty & Fern, eyewear is not just accessories but it is an extension of an individual. Each pair of Arty & Fern’s eyewear is delicately crafted with an aesthetic sense and comfortably function.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Arty & Fern provides a customer an appreciation of quality and craftsmanship by making each unique vision using only premium materials. Each part is meticulously designed and hand-crafted. Also, every components are detail-oriented hand-assembled and polished.

Skills, Experiences and Passions

Arty and Fern are well-trained eyeglasses ateliers by one of the world’s best handcraft eyewear institute, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers Eyeglasses Craftsmanship School in Morez, France. Even though, Arty & Fern is founded in 2013, Arty & Fern is the heir of a famous local optical store, แว่นคุณเล็ก (Lek Optical) which was established in 1982. With the skills, experiences, and lifetime passions for eyeglasses, Arty & Fern therefore acquired several awards guaranteed their commitments to heart-craft customer’s original vision.


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