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Arty & Fern makes hand-crafted eyeglasses to perfectly fit and suit individual’s style and ensure high comfort. An exclusive custom-made service is provided for customers to create a bespoke eyewear to meet an individual’s special needs along with unique taste.

"The first certified ateliers from France for custom-made eyewear service in Bangkok. Certified by the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers Eyeglasses Craftsmanship School, France"


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    Process of making a Custom-made eyewear

    Measure for the right fit

    Measure facial width, pupillary, nose bridge, eyes to ears and all facial proportions for your unique comfort and preferences.

    Personalise your style

    Discover your taste by choosing colours, frame shapes, and taking into account personal needs.  Let’s create something awesome and truly yours to wear.

    Design your frame

    Combine your measurements and your style. we’ll create a few designs according to your preferences then let you choose the one you love the most.

    Handcraft the frame

    Arty & Fern uses only the best quality materials; high quality, flexible, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly to make your pair.

    Material Detail

    • high quality Cellulose Acetate
    • Nose pads variation from build-in to silicone or titanium pad arms
    • Rivet pins, core wire and other parts are rusty-free stainless steel

    About 260 making processes to hand-craft a pair of glasses, leave this to us. Be worry-free and little patient because for us, every details matters.

    Get your own custom-made

    Fitting and make final calibration. It’s ready for you. Put them on!! 

    Guarantee and Exclusively yours

    No need to worry about broken parts or loosing things. We can always make spare part and adjust your eyeglasses. We also keep your records: your measurements and preferences. So making a new version of your spectacles next time is easier.

    Price Range & Payment Terms

    Starting price : 18,000 THB or ~550 USD, Lenses are not included

    Payment Terms

    • 50% on the first day of appointment
    • 50% on product delivery date
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